For those of you just dropping by to check out our site, THANK YOU!!! And for those who are returning or keep returning we love you for the support!!! For those of you who are friends, family and band followers we are hoping you like the website and find most posts interesting. Here you can find Photo's, Band Schedules, Video's, Song List (which keeps growing).

We hope that you will take the time and check out things here on our site. If there is something specific you as fans, friends, family and venue owners would like to see, please by all means send us a message and we will do our best to get that plan into action. Have any suggestions on requests for songs? Send us a message we can certainly try to do it for you but remember, we can't promise you we will be able to do it, but you know us, we will certainly try just for you.

We love having you here; as fans, friends and family and especially venue owners who give us a chance to do what we all love to do the most and that is: PLAY THE MUSIC EVERYONE LOVES TO HEAR!

Without each of you we wouldn't be who we are and where we are, and we are very appreciative of that.

Looking forward to seeing you really soon at one or more of our gigs....


Mick, Greg, Joe and Dewayne - GUILTY AS CHARGED

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